Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your return policy?

A: For the safety of everyone, we do not except returns, unless product is visibly defective. Masks are sewn in a ISO certified facility, which has the highest quality standards, so defects are rare.

Q: What is Polypyrrole or PPy?

A: PPy is a positively charged textile that is antimicrobial and antibacterial. It is identified as a “smart textile” and is used in various applications including busing power to operating room table pads that warm patients during surgery and in aircraft that use Stealth Technology. The 13 hour conversion process uses a carbon-based conductive polymer that is applied deep into the fibers making its properties inherent to the fabric.

Q: Does the Mask kill viruses?

AWe believe, in theory, that it neutralizes viruses by providing an unfavorable environment.  Pintler Medical is currently in contract with a Level III University Dept of Microbiology  to test live COVID-19 on the PPy material. When they can get PPE (the supply has been delayed due to healthcare demands), the testing will take place. The study lead is a PhD in Microbiology.

Q: How do I wash or care for the mask?

A: Mask material is designed to be washed, we find the best process or practice is hand wash or wash with Woolite and air dry.

Q: What is the mask sizing like?

A: Sizing was determined to fit 90% of the adult population. We do provide a Youth Mask that may also fit adults with small faces. 

Q: What if my mask feels too large, or too small?

A: Adjustments can be made. See Instructions

Q: What is the life of the mask?

A: This mask has been designed, sewn and considered a multi-year product.  Life depends on use and the frequency of washing and how you launder. See Instructions

Q: Does the mask come in other colors?

A: It does not.  PPy’s color is a result of the degree of oxidation, changing from yellow to blue and finally to black as the oxidation degree increases.

Q: How long does an order take to ship?

A: Orders are processed within 24 business hours and shipped using USPS. A tracking number will be provided.

Q: Where are the masks made?

A: PPy Barrier Masks are sourced and made in the US.

Q: Do you offer high volume orders?

A: Contact us by email at for a quote.