Instructions for Use

  • Wash hands before handling mask

  • Unfold mask, place it on face   

  • Elastic loops should be placed over each ear                

  • Mask should be fitted over nose and mouth

  • Nose bridge should be centered and shaped to provide comfortable fit

  • Gently squeeze nose bridge to shape

  • Bottom of mask should cover mouth and tuck under chin

  • Properly fitted mask provide coverage over both nose and mouth, elastic secure behind ears

  • Should elastic ear bands feel tight - elastic will stretch with use - elastic can also be stretched using an iron and damp cloth - search eHow “How to Stretch Elastic.” Do not overstretch causing mask to not fit well

  • Should mask or elastic ear bands feel loose, tack the excess elastic to the edge of mask

  • Mask is washable and reusable

  • Hand or Machine Wash delicate cycle – line dry

  • If user experiences any discomfort, rash or redness around Mask area, discontinue wearing

Sourced and Made in the USA

Pintler Medical, llc